I will be happy to take part in any creative project, but these services are featured.

Concept modeling
modeling of hi-poly and low-poly characters, locations from scratch
3d animation
animation from storyboard till compositing using realistic v-ray render
includes a lot of tecnical and creative work, like roto, keying, color correction, effects

Things I can do for you

Can take part in freelance long term and short term projects, also can join the team in ongoing or planned projects on a stationary basis. Can move abroad


  • Concept modeling of various characters, locations, backgrounds, etc (3ds max, maya)
  • Modeling of existing objects, locations, interiors, exteriors, etc (3ds max, maya)
  • Texturing with high-resolution images and seamless textures (3ds max, maya)
  • Lighting (3ds max, maya)
  • UV (3ds max, maya, headus UVLayout)
  • Rendering (v-ray, 3ds max, maya)
  • Animation (3ds max, maya)
  • Drawing of sketches, storyboards, etc
  • Animation (Adobe Flash)
  • Color correction
  • Effects
  • Roto
  • Keying
  • Tracking
  • Matte paint